Cleaning of common sense
1. the assignment of staff to do the job, fixed tasks, set time, norms, standards, responsibilities a reasonable arrangement principle of average workload.
2. the disciplinary education of the employees according to the company's rules and regulations, staff and ensure fairness, a clear mandate, appropriate rewards and punishments.
3. to staff various positions check point out shortcomings and the lack of places to review, so that each work as perfect as possible.
4. establish the concept of jobs is no small matter, to pay serious attention to small problems, cannot ignore the importance of attitude and solve the problems, to prevent problems recurring.
5. cleaning and maintenance of the various goals are met, through certain methods to be checked. (Part cleaning check below)
5.1 Interior, walls, columns of marble, granite surface:
5.1.1 viewing wall, cylindrical surface dirt, stains, water, fingerprints and other marks;
5.1.2 hand wipe wall surface and cylindrical surface free of dirt, stains and mosaic gap;
5.1.3 side view has been waxed wall surfaces, cylindrical, the wax layer is uniform gloss texture is thick.
5.2 indoor glass, glass doors, metal cabinet:
5.2.1 direct light glass surfaces, with or without dust stains, WPA and fingerprints;
5.2.2 stainless steel mirror reflecting strong, plain steel surface maintenance of uniform surfaces are free of dust, stains fingerprints;
5.2.3 hand polished glass and metal, glass has no stains with sealant, window facade, flat seam and there was no dust;
5.2.4 glass door track Groove with or without dust, dirt.
5.3 cleaning and waxing the ground effect:
5.3.1 on the ground there are no hidden dirt retention and there is no sign of drag-and-drop;
5.3.2 demand and the walls have radio and stains directly ground the overall clean and bright, and free of dirt, stains, dust;
5.3.3 side view the wax layer of wax has no local shed, where there is no missing coating;
5.3.4 intuitive wax surface is uniformly smooth and shiny surface without scratches;
5.4 the ground crystal face processing:
5.4.1 examine surface treated floors there are no stains, dirt;
5.4.2 lateral view of Crystal floor have no local flooring brightness, brightness, smoothness of finish and overall inconsistency where
5.4.3 direct (with fire) after surface treatment, surface effect is obvious, reflective brightness of the point strongly.
5.5 external and underground garage:
5.5.1 the external vehicle access, sidewalks have no filth, rubbish, wheel marks and no water
5.5.2 external tile color is showing no obvious stain;
5.5.3 the cement floor has obvious junk, debris, water stain;
5.5.4 hand wiping handrails, guardrails, signage, traffic and stop signs if there is clean and clear of dirt, signs;
5.6 the ceilings, vents, lighting:
5.6.1 ceilings, vents, lighting surface must not have dust, dirt;
5.6.2 the ceiling edges corner Windows, louvers for ventilation, lighting shall not be cobwebs;
5.6.3 lighting light bulbs free of dust, dirt, reflector has a strong reflection.
5.7 lavatory cleaner:
5.7.1 toilet water tank outside free of spots, dirt, dust cover, there is no trace of water, water is smooth and there is no obvious stains, bright color of the plate surface without damage;
5.7.2 urinal (trough) inside and outside there are no stains, clear water, water, water flow, there is no noticeable urine stains, dirt, glazed and stainless steel bright color without damage.
5.7.3 washbasins, countertops, mirrors, sanitary stainless steel bright, no damage, smooth flow of water.
5.7.4 washbasins, countertops, mirrors, sanitary stainless steel surfaces free of dust, dirt, water stains.
5.7.5 ground no stains, dirt, water stains (not below there is no urine-stained, walls, toilet seat dead ends at the back there are no stains, dirt), the tile surface is light, there is no damage;
5.7.6 walls, doors, screen plate free from dirt, stains, water stains, panels, tile surface is bright without damage.
5.8 corridors, fire escape staircases:
5.8.1 the ground, stairs, switches surfaces free of dust, dirt, waste;
5.8.2 handrails, and free of dust, clean, Cascade below the railing, no visible stains on the ground, four walls no Spider Web;
5.8.3 walls and walls of the equipment (such as fire), dust, stains, footprints.