Cleaning of common sense
Most young people like fabric sofa, the reason is very simple, colorful fabric sofa, fashionable, washable cloth coat of easy care and so on.
Sofa styles and brands more and more these days, but more choices but do not know how to choose. Not find satisfactory, but like too many do not know how to choose.
Choice of colours
Tone color of the sofa and the living room decoration to have a contrast, that is to the overall color coordination and the living room. If the the living room decoration of the darker, you can choose bright colored sofa, such as white, light green, blue, Orange, to break the entire room visually boring; if the floors and walls the color of shallow, relatively darker color of the sofa, you can choose grey, walnut, black, etc.
In addition, the color and material of the sofa and other living room furniture. If TV cabinet, coffee table Walnut color choice, same color as the color of the sofa, if not, it is always the same shade, and supports the best and Walnut handrails, sofa; if the the living room furniture is made of metal and glass structure, the arm of the sofa, frame the best metal, color of the sofa can be deep or shallow.
Select the size of
Living room area than larger of can select 1+2+3 of sofa, can pendulum into on sat type, family sitting around in with has a harmony of atmosphere; living room compared small words, a corner sofa added a can free placed of footstool on enough has, single nobles work Hou can free to lying with or sat in above, also can and beloved of people back-to-back or embracing with sat in above chat, and see TV, create II people world of romantic warm.
Should pay attention to the details of
Of course, couch or sofa quality should not be ignored. Quality assurance, first to choose reputable home shopping malls, this mall not only guaranteed quality, can also provide professional delivery and installation services.
While also to note following several specific details: first, fabric sofa of framework should is super stable structure, and dry of hardwood, not should has highlight of place, but edge at due piping to highlight sofa of shape; second, main connection at to has reinforcement device, through glue and screws and framework connected, regardless of is plug received, and stick received, and bolt connection also is whistle connection, are to keep each at connection of firm to ensure life. To be safe and comfortable, back has to be a place of required; and, finally, if the sofa foam, around it must be filled with cotton or polyester fibers to ensure comfort, without distortion.
Fabric sofa maintenance
Fabric sofa beautifully designed, comfortable to sit, but you worry about fabric sofa cleaning problems. Actually now can Removable and washable fabric sofas, if necessary, we can even provide sofas to order several different "coat", feel free to couch the "facelift".
Here some tips for cleaning fabric sofa:
First of all, to vacuum on a regular basis, if the weekly best, sofas handrails, backrest and crannies must also be taken into account, of course, also used towels to wipe. But when using the vacuum cleaner, do not use suction brush to prevent damage on textile fabrics woven wire cloth become fluffy, but also to avoid a large suction to suck, a move that could lead to plectonema was break, may wish to consider using a small vacuum cleaner to clean.
Secondly, use detergent to clean the sofa once a year, but thoroughly cleaning up afterwards, or more easily infected with dirt. The choice of cleaning agents, optional specialized cleaning agents containing antifouling agent, some Silicon spray dust-proof effect, spray once a month.
Sheath of fabric sofa usually can be cleaned. Elastic sleeve may wish to washing at home, larger cotton or linen jacket can get laundry done. Screed jacket should pay attention to some flexible jacket is easy when dry ironing, even to iron you should consider the appearance of the iron inside of the sheath is more appropriate. If the sheath is made of cotton, it would be inappropriate ironing.