Cleaning of common sense
The piano is one of the modern common household items, the piano is complex and fine instruments, if not kept, very vulnerable, piano factory in 1945, before particular attention should be given, because the glue than the present strong and powerful. Average life expectancy of 40 years of piano, more durable than most of the furniture in the House, and properly maintained.
Sudden changes in temperature and humidity is taboo piano maintenance. High temperatures can damage the piano, where the piano away from any direct heat, to avoid sun exposure if placed in the window, should be kept at a distance, avoid direct sunlight and reduce humidity. Damp the strings rust, wood to swell, forcing keys close together. Piano is the most ideal climate 20-22 (68-72F), relative humidity under the 40-6...%-Prize and, if necessary, adjust indoor humidity and moisture, the piano can be installed in heating pipe to reduce the damp. Piano is another enemy insects, many parts of the piano is equipped with blankets and leather, the duchang favorite food of insects, some gauze in bags the repellents available in the piano.
Piano case according to its material, according to the maintenance of laws relating to furniture, try down the wood with a soft cloth to wipe. Surface of the keyboard with a slightly damp sponge or sponge dipped in SOAP, the cloth is too wet in the water will flow into the piano.
Inside the piano to turn sound mixer stopped by clean up. Even the highest of the piano, long strings of lax is not playing, there are out of tune. Tuned carefully on this is to adjust the elastic strings, often played the piano and required by a professional tuner tuning 2-3 times a year. If the piano moving, environment change, you want to tune.