Cleaning of common sense
Bathtub used for a long time tend to collapse broken, stained, rough, and so on. At this time, in order to cut back on spending, in order to avoid expensive tub, bathtubs renovation some engineering companies. Bath renovation, has a beautiful shiny surface must, of course, care. Just bought more wants to take care of and prolong its life. It will teach you a few tricks to clean bathtubs and keep the bathtub shiny tips.
1, weekly cleaning the bathtub to ensure dry bathtub after each use.
2, cleaning the bathtub you can use neutral liquid detergent and good with soft cloth or sponge.
3, avoid the use of wear and high alkaline cleaning products.
4, to avoid using coloured cleaning agents, pigments caused by easily penetrate the cylinder surface.
5, use the hose back, don't forget to turn off the water, so as to avoid regular drip leading to bath water.
6, any damage to the bathtub, maintenance should immediately notify the company, so as to avoid further deterioration of the problem.
7, do not left metallic objects in the bathtub inside, they make the tub rusted and dirty surfaces.