Cleaning of common sense
Recommended for stone products, such as strong concentrated cleaning agents, PH value of 10.5 per cent. This type of product can break down the stone surface organic pollution, and can remove surface Protectant. If necessary, cleaning and decontamination powder can be mixed so that compounds the reaction time may be extended, and adsorption medicine paste stains.
Before using the compounds, test a small inconspicuous area such as corners, and that you do not make cast dark stone surface scratches.
Cleared a slight scratch operation is relatively simple, there are a lot of polishing powder for sale. However, when you use polishing powder, most need to use polishing or cleaning the machine.
Solution two: recommend the use of liquid drugs, preferably two-component enzyme detergent, it can penetrate the stone bottom and filter dirt and grime to the surface. Particularly effective enzymes for vegetable stains. This type of cleaning agent from the agents of good quality stone cleaning products purchased.
If you use this kind of method is still not obvious, suggested that the enzyme cleaner solution and decontamination powder mix, until the formation of a peanut butter-like thick cream. Mixed ointment to the pollution, cover with plastic film, sealed with tape around. 24-72-hour response time, then with a small bamboo planks scrape dried ointments. If necessary, repeat it again. Once the pollution has been removed, permeable protective agent is recommended to protect the stone to avoid future contamination.
If there are stains on the marble surface and scratches, you need to be polished. Lapping select contractors to determine the soil may be brick, cinder, sandpaper or Emery. Processes may be more complex, it is recommended that the best actions handled by professionals. To make it clear to some 305 x 305 x 10MM size sheet, high heels may damage deeper inside the stone, may find it difficult or almost Polish out scratches. This is best to obtain expert assistance.
Solution three: stone stain on the edge of the tub and around the window, the problem should be in these marbles will never pass protection, or improper maintenance. Since the poor performance effect of mild cleaning agent, we recommend using a neutral detergent and powder mixed into mud as thick as the mixture medicine paste applied to the stone surface, and then with a nylon pad friction. Powder in the role of a kind of abrasives, help remove surface stains. If this method doesn't work, suggest using alkaline cleaning agents with clay powder mixed, forming a strong detergent solution, the remaining operations as described above.
Talk about scratches on the surface, it is recommended that professional to inspect the scene and re-polished marble. Due to grinding and polishing are usually require the use of liquid or powdered products, or diamond polishing pad, so professional to work the best. Can make enquiries with the local stone manufacturers or dealers, please recommend more well-known stone care products and professional handling of