Cleaning of common sense
Marble is a porous material, so easy to stain. Less water should be used to clean. Periodically wipe with a slightly damp cloth with a mild detergent try. Then wipe dry and Polish with a clean soft cloth. Badly worn marble furniture is difficult to handle, use steel wool to wipe, and then with an electric polishing machine polishing. To restore dull luster. Or with liquid cleaning agent carefully polished. Lemon juice or vinegar to clean a stain, but great care should be. Lemons don't stay more than 1-2 minutes. Lemon is not parked there for the marbles to absorb for a long time, and if necessary, repeat the operation. And then clean and dry. For minor scrapes, special marble cleaners and care agent available. For old or valuable marble furniture should be professional treatment. Oil painting of marble furniture may have to be treated with paint remover. Should be carried out in accordance with the instructions, may need to paint several layers. After clearing all paint, use steel wool to clean and with an electric polishing machine polished. Some people do not agree with this law, but it is effective. For cosmetics, tea and tobacco stains, can be coated with a few Zhang ammonia-hydrogen peroxide. For two hours, then wash and dry. For oil, ethanol (alcohol), acetone (wood spirit), or lighter oil to wipe, and then clean and dry. Marble furniture wine coffee splashes or were burned by cigarette butts, ask for repair should be considered.