Cleaning of common sense
Convenient, and health, and and has modern life breath of water machine put market Hou, immediately by consumers welcomes, and in two or three years within quickly won has city often water machine not only by has family of welcomes, also was many units buy to put in public, and or for employees improved work conditions, and or used to for customer and the consumers provides service,; but due to ignored has water machine of daily disinfection work, currently many public water machine outflow of water may has was "two times pollution". Beware water machine carrier pathogenic Shenzhen City consumers Committee of a items survey showed that, recently they delegate the city measurement quality detection Institute, on Shenzhen of some Bank, and pharmacy, and securities Department, and tickets ticket office, and beauty salons, and wash yards and the units of 10 Taiwan water machine of sampling detection, found most water machine has long time not elimination had HIV, which has 5 Taiwan water machine input using Hou fundamental on didn't elimination had HIV. Judging from inspection, 10 samples exceeded the national standard at least 10 times more than the total number of colony, but never sterilized water dispenser excessive bacteria is more surprising. Such as a barber shop never used disinfection of drinking water, the drinking of mineral water sampled the second day bacterial count had reached 70,000 per milliliter, and national standards for the 50 per ml. And in a beauty salon in water dispenser that is not sterile, even detect coliforms. Therefore, household drinking water disinfection machine about 6 months should be conducted and drinking in public places using high frequency, sterilization cycle should also be shorter. In addition, prolonged disinfection of drinking water, even though the changed new water, water quality will also be pollution, microbes will increase dramatically. Simple water dispenser cleaning cleaning and disinfection is relatively simple. Can be used when cleaning water dispenser manufacturer equipped with professional cleaning tablets, tablets inside the dispenser filled with water, shake dispenser, 10 minutes put the water out, and then in about 2 kg of water, cleaned again, and finally the water completely out of water. Experts recommend water dispenser cleaning company may also request professional help for you and your family's health, each spent dozens of Yuan would be worth it. But there is no professional water dispenser cleaning company in Chengdu, so insiders: Chengdu market is necessary to set up professional water dispenser cleaning company, and with the further development of water markets, specialist businesses may also very hot.