Cleaning of common sense
Many families consider home shop on thick carpet, makes the whole House warm ocean. Reporters from the major department stores and home stores are informed that recently carpet became best sellers of home goods, many citizens are willing to opt for a wide range of carpets in the fall/winter season dress up at home. In this regard, home expert to remind members of the public, compared with the floor tile, flooring and other flooring, carpet belongs to the high-end vulnerability, need to be careful in the use and maintenance, to an enduring legacy to the new. In the course of using, it is best to use and maintenance in the following way:
1. light---strong direct sunlight should be avoided to avoid carpet ageing fades.
2. stain in---not smeary, acid, colored liquids, such as pollution, should immediately with high quality carpet cleaning cream erasure.
3. dust---in the surface of the carpet fibers, easy to accumulate dust, often along the along the hair direction with a vacuum cleaner to clean do not use toothed edges or rough tool to avoid damaging the carpet flooring.
4. prevent hair---such as carpet down hair, wet hot water, wipe with a clean towel and comb through straight, wet pad with an iron bushunmao iron, can be restored.
5. non-concentrated spot---in use, furniture legs touch carpet, cushion or regular change of furniture should be placed. Wear parts, in addition to outside protected by coverings can also exchange places.
6. carpet room should pay attention to ventilation, moisture-proof, so as to avoid carpet moth and mildew, such as found in insects, corrosion phenomena, should a professional repair.