Cleaning of common sense
Kitchen is "firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea" place of concentration, nature is the most oil in place. How to get rid of these kitchen oil, keep the kitchen clean health?
1 alkaline scouring powder, glass oil available to clean, and then coated with sodium hydroxide or dilute ammonia solution in glass, scrub with a cloth in half an hour, the glass becomes smooth and bright.
Furniture 2, oil in water and add vinegar, then wipe to remove grease. Or soak for a while and then wipe with bleach solution, cleansing effect is also very good.
3, cleans the ground more oil, pour a little vinegar in the MOP, you can remove the stains on the ground. But the oil is difficult to clean cement floor, wood ash can be used to clean, wood ashes, tune into a paste with water, then spread evenly on the ground, then repeated wash with water, cement floor can be renewed. Burnt honeycomb briquette coal dust, mixed with detergent to wash the surface, easy to remove grease.
Oil-4, screen with a broom before sweeping away dust on the surface of, and 15 g cleaning concentrate 500 ml with water, mix both sides with a rag, to remove greasy. Or add a small amount of milk in the detergent solution and wash out the screen door and as good as new.
5, stove oil gas cooker after the oil-stained, sticky rice coated on the cooker, rice crusted dry, with a light blowing of iron, oil will be removed along with the rice crusted. Direct cleaning uses a thin rice soup, noodle soup, or fish bone-cleaned, the effect is not bad.