Cleaning of common sense
General household cleaners contain acid and alkali, therefore, experts point out that use of unknown composition of cleaning agents for a long time, can make the stone surface gloss loss.
Stones are afraid of acid-base
Granite caused by acid produced by oxidation of pyrite in Huang, acid and the calcium carbonate will decompose in the marble, which eroded stone surface; alkali erosion in granite stone grain peeling caused by crystallization of silicon and quartz.
Not to wax
Wax on the market many kinds of water wax, stearic wax wax wax, acrylic, oil, and so on. These waxes are basically material containing acid and alkali, long term use will not only block stone tight pores, also easy to make stone coated with wax scale dirt dust formation, causing yellowing phenomenon in a stone surface.
If it is a high frequency of pedestrians and goods circulation stone ground, you need regular waxing, waxing professional maintenance companies should be invited. Keep "breathe free"
To keep the stone "breathe" and should be avoided in the stone covered with carpets and other debris, or moisture cannot evaporate, stone the stone material pathological change because of increased water content, and so on.
Cleaning is very important
Whether it is granite or marble are not resistant to particles of sand and soil erosion for a long time, therefore, you should always use a dust collector and electrostatic MOP thorough dusting and cleaning work.