Cleaning of common sense
Cleaning of septic tanks in many people's eyes is a simple job but felt that septic tank is dirty, no one is willing to clean up. Cleaned septic tank does not in fact what many complex things, just that it needs some professional tools and standardized operating procedures and clear knowledge or cleaning septic tanks is no easy thing, and there is a great deal of risk
I talk to everyone to clean septic tank operation procedures, criteria and considerations.
Cleaning of septic tanks work flow
1, open the septic tank cover with hook, using a long bamboo pole (8M) stirred the septic tank debris caked layers in
2, the opening to the job site vacuum suction truck, good suction hose (5M, 3) into the septic tank
3, start switch of suction truck, aspirate fecal contamination until the septic tank septic caked up, dirty work and prevent passers-by clothing
4, cover septic covers, rinse all the tools work and
5, septic tank cleaning once a year, level pool cleaned up, 90%, two-level pool removal 75%, three pools and hard surface cleaning
6, after cleaning, visually the sediment-free floating on top, entrance free, keep the water does not overflow the ground
Cleaning of septic tanks note
1, in the septic tank manhole cover ventilation 10-15 minutes after the opening, people are not standing on the edge, banning smoking on the edge, ignition, or answer the phone to prevent methane fire or explosion hurts
Pool under 2, who do not work to prevent officers from intoxication or fall into the water. If had to pool must wear gas masks, wear chemical protective clothing and related protective measures
3, septic tank manhole cover workers not to leave the scene after the opening, after the cleaning is completed, turn cover covers, in case of accidents involving pedestrian fell into the hole!