Cleaning of common sense
Family health paving stone floors and walls. The family a lot of cleaning disinfectants containing natural stone effect use a lot of acid, alkali and other chemicals, the stone surface and mineral components have an adverse reaction. Particularly serious is the most cleaning agents must have an effect in the stone surface reactions for at least five minutes, however in that time cleaning agent had been destroyed in the stone, so cleaning the bathroom stone material surface pH neutral cleaning agent should be used.
Toilets are usually covered with tiles installed. Tiles used in the process often wobbles, falls off, and so on, is that there is tiling of cement mortar by bond stretch enough, and in a humid environment for a long time, so it is easy to loosen and fall off. There is a way, using resin adhesive paste tile, strength can reach or exceed the tile body strength and are in a humid environment for a long time there is no fall off.
Bathroom tiles is stained by greasy scale, rust, SOAP, to keep the porcelain surface clean and bright without damaging the porcelain surface, you can use the multi-purpose decontamination paste cleaner. Tiles cracks, first dipped a little cleaning paste with a brush to remove dirt and washing a waterproofing agent in the gap.