Cleaning of common sense
Due to building among key Government, relatively pollution is particularly serious. Due to stone itself has hair fine hole and the absorbent, air pollution, dust plus air in the of acid gas, steam locomotive of exhaust,, tip to attached Yu stone surface, dang rain of when, acid rain will accelerated these pollution on stone of erosion and adsorption in stone of hair fine hole within, caused easily cleaning of dirt spot, especially for fire surface of stone for, these pollution formed of speed faster, and not easy cleaning, only using city sale of cleaning agent fundamental cannot removal these pollution; if smooth of stone, The gloss was quickly eroded away. Therefore, in order to remove the pollution, SCI stone cleaning agent can be used, commonly used with SCI powerful clearing agent or SCI multifunctional scavenger, this kind of stone cleaning agents can penetrate the pores in the complete removal of pollution and does not damage stones. If to prevent stone again once was pollution words, can Yu stone cleaning clean Hou, in stone surface dry of case Xia, again for a protection processing of work, this permeability of protection agent common of has SCI multifunctional protection agent, SCI 15th, stone protection agent, HA Connaught penetration type protection agent, this several protection agent can into stone internal, formed a protection layer, has waterproof, and anti-dirt, and rust spot, and anti-oil, and wind of, and anti-aging, and acid alkali, and anti-tea stains, and Coke, and soy sauce, caused of dirt spot of effect,   And effective control of Rainbow, and do not damage the stone original air permeability, only water to clean normal cleaning effect can be achieved without the use of other cleaning agents. Prior protection of pollution treatment for exterior wall: generally speaking, outside the stone walls of considerable height, cause pollution and then to clean, construction is extremely inconvenient. If prior can do protection processing words, completed Hou will no pollution Shang of problem, daily of cleaning work also just with water wipe can, and construction Qian of protection processing cost lower, and construction more easy, and compared by stone protection agent, this revolutionary of breakthrough improved has past protection processing time-consuming effort of troubled, currently this workers method in abroad has was widely application in stone engineering Shang.