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The stone material renovates, nursing

The stone material renovates, nursing

Stone as a supplement to the material is widely used. Noble. Elegant, bare stage decoration is very popular. However, due to improper installation, use, or for too long, there will be joint cutting, surface of irreversible pollution, and loss of grinding phenomena such as light, you need to rebuild stone polished smooth and shining, clean surface, renovation of what we say.
A marble renovation: marble is the main mineral component of calcite, dolomite or serpentine. Mohs hardness in between 3-5 and shore hardness between 35-55, wearability and luminosity than the flower rock is relatively low. Renovation, refurbishment of the likely difficulty of small, relatively low cost. Marble renovate is the key to improving the smoothness and luminosity. Machines, abrasives, operations, of combining these three points, and adjusted for different varieties of stone ground results in a timely manner, to achieve the desired results.
Two, granite renovate: granite is composed of quartz, feldspar, amphibole, pyroxene, olivine, mica and other minerals composition. Mohs hardness of more than 6 degrees, shore hardness between 60-90, gloss and color and mineral composition has a lot to do with, is ever-changing. So when more research in machine speed, pressure and abrasive substances should be targeted, will achieve the desired effect on the experience of the workers have a vital role. High hardness of the granite, grinding hard, light and well is more difficult, if you are testing rock does not analyze, have good machines grind out good, in particular the overall effect. Therefore, the specific test (sometimes two or three times) is the necessary precondition of granite renovations. A modern building, in addition to its own perfect structural design of striking out, decorated with natural stone walls and floors because of its natural beauty has become a unique landscape in the urban construction. However, in recent years due to the deterioration of the natural environment, dust, industrial emissions and acid rain pollution stone easily and produce water spots, Rainbow, vomit yellow, rust, stone disease, accelerated deterioration of the stone. So how to keep building stone natural beautiful appearance for a long time, have become architects, construction companies and owners of one of the three primary issues to be considered.
New concept of stone conservation, protective treatment, the problem solved. It introduced foreign advanced technology of stone conservation products and technology, professional care for building stone. Protection of stone materials, waterproof, stain, oil, prevents water spots, and weathering, aging, resistance to acid rain and to prevent mould and algae, and other effects.  And for a variety of ailments stone, such as the Rainbow (efflorescence), rust, straw yellow, or pigment, such as pollution, but also for professional and effective removal. Maintenance technology of processed stone, has good breathability and abrasion resistance, can keep natural bright appearance, extended service life.
Confirm the surface clean and dry, without surface protection products such as wax, if necessary, first clean, according to the different needs of different types of light products, coated or machine polishing: dry to use. This series of light can be directly used as the ground handling agent, do not need to be waxed. 24 quarts 1 gallon, 1 gallon 23. 785 liters, 20 ounces of 2,590 ml Crystal care is the use of chemicals such as Crystal hardening powders or K2 and other materials, with the machine's pressure, friction and temperature causes the stone material surface to produce qualitative changes. Generate new Portland, oxalate, carbonate blend consisting of microcrystalline, so without changing the pattern of stone, color case improves the hardness, density and luminosity and to skid resistance. K-1--Crystal hardening agent (white) suitable for darker K-2--Crystal marble platform hardening agent (Pink) suitable for use over any light or white marble K-2F--Crystal and hardening agent (blue) for artificial stone to set K-1,K-2 and K-2F with stone compounds react and become stronger and reduce the extent of stone was scratched. K-3--Add agent (Amber) ingredients containing wax, used between two layers of hardened, can repair scratches and stone increased luminosity. Together with K-2 (K-1 and K-2F) Crystal harden agent used together, can make the surface more bright and anti-slip effect. First make sure that the floor clean and dry, and then K-2 (K-2 or K-2F) Crystal hard spray on the marble table with a slow hardening machine (jiahua KGl 250 elegant 43ES) and the cotton polishing to K2 (K1 or K2F) full penetration within the stone. Then K-3 light spray on to the stage, also net cotton polishing until completely absorbed. Finally, the surface layer must be K-2, (k-11 or K-2F), and finally a layer of Crystal mirror.
Note: the K-1,K-2,K-2F is crystal plus hardening agent, independent for the marble used for treatment of light, K-3 must be followed by any Crystal hardening agent role.

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