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Floor wax maintenance

Floor wax maintenance

whether it's just renovated old cracked wooden floor or a floor wax, you first need to clean floors, through static waxing only. Regular care and maintenance of the floor will affect its service life effect home interior flooring and home more and more, add elegant, clean but if improper maintenance, cleaning methods, defect, over time, will cause the floor shine and paint damage. To renovate the floor is not an easy task. Waxing is designed to protect the floor, what about maintenance how to clean waxed floor?
   (1) the floor is completed, the surface cleaning, a layer of protective wax. To use liquid wax, do not use hard wax, every 2-3 months hitting candle.
   (2) in the daily process of cleaning the floor, you should use the dust, dust sprayed lead dust, spray dust can be used just once a week.
   (3) the effects of spraying dust is dust adsorption on the surface of the dust on the floor, pushed out outside to shake it, shake it off and vacuuming of dust, "lead dust" name the resulting.
   (4) dust dirt can be washed, dried and then sprayed with lead dust.
   (5) the flooring must not scrub with water, because water is easily absorbed through the wooden floor, wood floor expansion and deformation caused in addition using cloth or MOP with water to clean wood floors, dust like sandpaper rubbing the floor, over time, the wood floor surface luster has worn off, the paint was damaged.
   (6) when cleaning wood floors wood flooring material properties determine the no water or solvent cleaning, otherwise, it will cause the wood floor expansion, deformation, paint loss, surface change flowers. Must be cleansed with a special wood floor cleaner, can play a role in clean, protect the floor.

we just moved into a new House and need to wax the floor, but I didn't know exactly what to do, what about? In General, the flooring waxing consists of three basic steps: first is to wipe the dust from the floor, but must wait for the floor to dry completely for waxing;

second is waxing, this is rough, try to wax evenly;

the third step is fine, is to use cloth or brush and then type it again.

  , however, to remind that here, need a professional waxing, waxing the floor tool must be used for professional, must use specialized waxing brush or cloth, and other tools apart, do not mix.  And banners do not have water or impurities, so as not to draw a mark on the floor. On oil, there are two solid wax and liquid wax, but the choice of liquid wax, the majority, because fighting is more convenient and easier.

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