Compact Sweeper function deformation in mourning clothes cleaning services shine

"Clean Assistant Sweeper" debut attracted many customers, has now drawn up a 3.
(Reporter Li Xin Wang Xudong photo)
Xian news-an evening news (reporters Fan Hua) flexible Road sweeping machines, light cleaning services ... ... Yesterday, the reporter noted at the West China international fair, these new styles, new city environmental protection and energy saving and environmental protection tools have attracted a large number of people and businessmen came to visit inquiry.
Almighty sweep the streets sweeping opportunity deformation
Yesterday, in Qujiang International Convention Center Shandong Exhibition Hall B2, a compact Sweeper with the public of curious eyes. According to the vehicle manufacturer, Wang Xin from Yantai, Shandong Manager: "this is a deformation of the cleaner cars, road width, car cleaning brushes can change between 1.2 m to 1.8 m, sweeping sidewalks, pedestrian streets, squares and other sections of different widths. "For the convenience of residents and merchants to demonstrate, staff will also demonstrate outside the car to the Pavilion, this reporter saw, this can only take 1 person Sweeper, small but beautiful body styling, car has two rotating cleaning brush and spray nozzle. Sweeping the floor, water-jet nozzle Jet spray to reduce dust, clean garbage can automatically sucked into the dregs box behind the cab.
"Taste of a modern city in Ascension, the sweeper is not only beautiful appearance, high efficiency, energy saving, health, very useful indeed. "One merchant told reporters after the visit.
Cleaning services will glow to protect high-risk groups
At the West of the fair exhibition project, one called "city cleaner specific safety protective clothing" project particularly interesting. Yesterday afternoon, in the West China international fair venue inventor Yang Zuopeng reporter saw the item. Old Dr Jolly to took out himself of baby--will glow of cleaning clothing, he side wear upper body show side to reporter said, "can don't underestimate this body clothes, it get had national invention patent, clothing total 4 big features, a is Tang style, highlight I Xian of antique, II is hat for has power of electronic helmet, head Shang top has a lamp red, car in hundred meters outside saw before deceleration, three is lamp bright has voice, four is power for can charging battery, once input can countless times using. "
Old Dr said, this paragraph cleaning clothing of design "inspiration" from Yu News reported, "Qian years, media have reported too much name cleaning member was vehicles hit injury hit died of things, because I himself in years Qian is because injury led to left disability, so see these hard of cleaning member killed, particularly sympathy, on wants to invention a ' new ', protection these high-risk crowd of security. "
"Put on the Tang suit I design work in the street, not only to beautify city, after you open the electronic switch clothes, and flashing electronic lights and head back to remind passing vehicles to avoid to prevent cleaning lady by accident! "Yang said.
In addition, a wide range of new technology and patented products can be seen in some booths, dizzying.