When the cleaner professional anxiety of college students

Do college students when a cleaning lady a shame? This is not a simple binary answer affirmative and negative, but in the career itself, to a professional sense of social identity, that is social and professional can restore some respect of labor value and the dignity of the workers themselves.
In the case of capacity cannot be made explicit, education will be the ruler as a value judgment. For example, people habitually think cleaner without degree, provided that the health competence, college students spend so much of the cost of education and therefore cannot be said that is not a waste, for society the knowledge value may be "shrunk", students become worthless.
In fact, the occupational qualifications do not correspond to the natural, higher education is becoming increasingly popular, corresponding to the level of vocational qualifications will be generally promote. However, sorted according to the high or low of career identity, it does not appear you hot bitch cold, careers cluster situation. For example, civil registrations continue to climb year after year is proof of that. Under the vocational identity of coat, hidden mouth not to disparities, such as social status, public safety.
College students when the cleaning lady shame no shame, hosting is not just an individual's pain, it is social and occupational differences associated with mass anxiety. Such anxiety, instinct points to the ultimate objective of education, when employment realities could not prove "knowledge changes fate" proposition, the natural generalization out useless argument at the University.
Meanwhile, habitually considered to be cleaner a career low degree of "patent", default career high or low, but also a social tragedy. To fundamentally eliminate the great difference between the socio-occupational and other treatment other than occupational competencies, all of the job that give the same level of social security, reducing social status divide between different occupations, effectively break the employment dilemma, can effectively relieve pain of concept of employment.