Funeral home calls for civilized jisao cleaners about the disadvantages of the traditional tomb sweeping

April 4 tomb-sweeping day, 70,000 citizens funeral home in tomb sweeping, and before and after the Ching Ming Festival holiday, a total of 300,000 visitors to the tomb sweeping. Although the City Government launched the appeal in 4th civilization jisao volunteering, volunteers also issued more than 200 bouquets to the public, but still could not prevent the majority of people choose to burn a sacrifice to pay homage to the deceased.
4th, when reporters came to the city, this place has people crowded, many people carry a memorial ceremony for the dead items goes to the Memorial area. "You can rest assured that we live well. We all know how to pay for family, and we are all very happy. "Civilized Memorial district, 70-year old Xu led the family 6 people mourn," we're going to, with my deceased grandfather, mother, father and brother said this year the home situation. "Subsequently, family urns bowed deeply.
It is understood that like Xu a city that day Tomb sweeping community of 70,000 people. "The peak every year before and after the Ching Ming Festival are tomb sweeping, from before the start, especially this year lasted an unusually long time, from March 26, traffic increased significantly. "The City Government in charge of this year compared with previous years, the flow of relatively average, people have not been all clustering around the day of the Ching Ming Festival on April 4 tomb sweeping, but dispersed before and after the may day holiday, with the civil affairs departments and media guide has a lot to do with it. In addition, many people will choose to pay homage to in advance and use the holiday break.
According to reports, during the Spring Festival, 3 day vacation on April 2, the day Tomb sweeping flow of 35,000 passengers on April 3 about 50,000 passengers; on April 4 about 70,000 passengers. "From the enrolled during the entire Festival, jisao people reached about 300,000 people. "He told journalists, in order to maintain order, as well as large numbers of armed police to maintain order on the day," today, armed police, police, a total of more than 60 people to maintain order at the scene, business, urban management and other departments have also sent more than 20 people, mainly on the road on the road before the funeral home business, illegal conduct of business supervision and regulation. "The official said.
However, not all of the tomb sweeping people like Xu a selection and civilized manner, the reporters saw most of the public still jisao carrying several large bags of "paper money" secretly burning. Civilization in order to guide the public Memorial, City Civil Affairs Bureau and other units organize dozens of volunteers to the scene to be civilized guide free flowers jisao public and publicity materials, sent more than 200 bouquets one morning.
In addition, the City Government has also established a "Memorial box" public departed loved ones want to write it down, put it into the box to express yearnings. "This series of events is to steer the public Memorial of civilization. For now, wants to completely change in Shao Zhi, Memorial, is still a long process. "The official said.
Experience the traditional tomb sweeping:
Burning spilled wine or roast chicken and ducks, too bad
Limited Memorial exactly how serious pollution to the environment? , Funeral home Memorial, believed to members of the public have been realized. On April 4, the reporter experiences a "Smokey" feel. When journalists arrived at the Memorial area, many people have been found in burning paper. Journalists had just stepped into the Memorial area, not to the core zone, was choked by pungent burning smell constantly coughing and even harder to breathe. Journalists immediately used clothing through mouth and nose breathing, but still can smell the unpleasant smell.
In the Memorial area, rows of conveniently placed urns and memorial stone benches were full, everyone is burning to bring "paper money", smoke throughout the Memorial area. Some people choose some other Memorial areas burning and kowtow, even some members of the public outside the funeral home limited Memorial on the side of the road.
Reporters saw a funeral home Memorial area is full of ash on the ground, some families to pour on the wine after burning paper so that left a black mark on the ground air floating around in the ashes of burned, after reporters walked in a circle, found hair and clothes covered with a layer of ash.
For burning offerings struck the traditional tomb sweeping most of the party is responsible for cleaning the work of Lee. He told reporters: "we, the cleaning staff has experience, go home every day first thing brushing your teeth rinse or mouth are gray, can't talk, eat. "Dang Yongli said the two-day Tomb sweeping the particularly large number of people, their workload is very high," especially when a lot of people more than just burning money, awakened to use some chicken, duck, fish and a burned taste particularly unpleasant. " Quite touched, he told reporters, in the Memorial area to clean these days, he was the Fireworks smoked every day all the tears. Reporters also noted that Dang Yongli and his colleagues face has been covered with ashes.
Civilization jisao:
Deceased loved listening to the music, which was very moving
Smoke in the Memorial area, reporters saw occasionally choose how civilization came to pay homage. People she and her brother is a memorial to a deceased parent, they did not choose the way of burning the money, but parents ' ashes placed in the Memorial area of civilization, before the flowers, and then brothers and sisters bowed three times, the ceremony is very simple, but very moving. "My mother died in 2006, his father died sooner, we worship in this way every year she and her father, we parents miss their expression in the bow. "
In the Memorial area in civilization, but some people choose not to sacrifice by burning way to mourn. Except General of flowers, and bow, form yiwai, some public will will died family of URNs placed good, then whispered to said with words, on like with died who chat as; also has public will will ahead of prepared good of music in site play, these music more is expression grief of music, or died who before love listening to of music, in music sound in the silently to expression himself of Miss of love.
Reporters saw many prominent positions in the city, set advocating civilized jisao billboards and banners: "a bouquet of flowers and bow three times, jisao civilizations and fostering" "audit reform of funeral and interment customs, no burning shed funeral ritual supplies" ... ... But many people still turn a blind eye. "Others were burned, one does not burn what's the use? Moreover, this ritual passed down by many years, how can the same? "A reporter said that a representative.