Cleaning diary record of the dedicated life

China Jiangsu network April 2 News "May 22, I first times stepped into no property of light of community, years product Xia of garbage mountain let I shocking, so I determination put this live full laid off workers of community as I of ' plots ', must to put it clean good......" this is Chen Li 5 this cleaning diary in the of a content, through tens of thousands of Word of cleaning diary, a "stereo" of modern cleaning workers show in front.
"Junk" community brand new
On May 22, 2007, Chen Li first came to light in the community and offer free community sanitation workers laid off accepted the task.
"The viability of the Community obligations for the first time while cleaning up garbage, trash stinks, I had to hold their breath. "Chen Li said, how many times after cleaning, residential landscape, dozens of residents of profuse.
Would rather a dirty, change one to clean
In 1999, 27-year old Chen Li, laid off by streamed to the sanitation Department sweeps the street. At the beginning, too tired to nose out of blood, but she still hang. "Back when he saw were swept by their pavement clean and tidy, I have a sense of accomplishment. "
In 2003, Changjiang road, she asked for a transfer to downtown. The gang she, regardless of wind or rain or heat cold, always the first posts, last post, tried to do dirty work, hard work, hard work. Children suffering from colds when unattended, she just took the kids to get to work. Through the efforts, the section of environmental health has been greatly improved, and she is dark, skinny.
Chen Li has been engaged in the dustmen, road sweepers, no matter what type, with respect for labour, love of sanitation cause her ordinary work hard sweat practicing "would rather a dirty, in Exchange for all clean" pledge.
Innovative sanitation services to build brand
Improving service levels and management capabilities, promote civilized units to create activities to develop in depth, Chen Li and brave bear the burden of sanitation services to build brand. In May 2007, she was named "Chen Li cleaning group" was set up. Team members under the leadership of her head, while they learn to think, practice edge ... To further enhance the work and level of service, Chen Li and her sisters carried out a proactive advice, active-site services, the initiative to accept supervision of "three active" service activities, reduce the distance between sanitation workers and the public, their exploration and innovation in the practice of "integrated" work method in urban areas to promote the other main roads and achieved significant results.