Cleaner spare time poring over ancient continued: says don't want life to be bothered

Cleaning during the day, evening study writing, yesterday, the A14 newspaper reported "Xian the most thoughtful cleaner" to draw the reader's attention. After seeing reports of many people, were moved by his spirit, and said wanted to see the cleaning staff, look at how he works, how to live, how to study?
"Working so hard, and still finds time to study, it is not easy! "Ms Wang saw this newspaper of the public after 44 years old cleaning lady make reports, the heart can't be calm. Wang, now in the quickening pace of life, many find it hard to settle down to study, make doing the hardest work, but maintained a research passion for a long time, people really respect, must meet the cleaning staff. Starting from 10 o'clock in the morning yesterday, Ms Wang with a newspaper containing path looking for free, but she found a two-hour could not find.
Yesterday morning, the release still in sections of his work cleaning, rest still sits in the Dumper when reading on the history of Chinese thought. Some bystanders recognized him, want to go to see his study, Teng did not agree. According to the plan, he read 20 pages every day, but the plan was not completed yesterday afternoon.
Later on, the TV media with the newspaper, other cleaning lady was found under the guidance of, and wants to do an interview, Teng declined.
"I don't want a quiet life undisturbed. "Teng said, writing is an esoteric subject, requiring careful before entering the study and cannot be disturbed by the social buzz. He said cleaning work will do, in addition to his research on ancient Chinese characters will also continue, "after all, this is something I've always liked, I think love is the Foundation of love of life. "Last night, make dinner and look book lying on the desk, said yesterday he plans to read pages has not been completed, estimates also have to stay up late at night.
Party Secretary Sun Qingchao said of the Arts Faculty at Shaanxi Normal University, such as the release of the years in the cleaning section, village in the rental house, keep reading, and stuck the boring learning, it deserves every one of respect and learning.