"Cleaning sister" pick up 2000 greatly returned to its owner

Tengzhou public when Ms song to sing in the KTV with friends, accidentally wallet in the room, but was picked up by Kon ' me sister cleaning, and according to the contact information found on the deposit Ms song, wallets.
It is understood that Kon ' me, 51, in the fashion of the Tang dynasty KTV is responsible for cleaning the room. March 17 at about 9 o'clock in the evening, members of the public came to Tang song woman and several sisters meet fashion KTV singing, during which everyone Cup to change and have fun. Before leaving, because of the dark room lighting, Ms song has found no wallet in the corner of the sofa. Kon ' me sister cleaning see song and others left, entered the room cleaning, cleans sofas, I came across the song Lady lost purse. Taking into account the guests may not go far, Kon ' me hurry out, but it's still a step late, Ms song has got into the car and left. Kon ' me the purse to help desk, wallets open in front of people, found in the package a 2000 Yuan in cash and ID cards and other items, in the dissection of the wallet or find a deposit, just above the song Lady's phone number. Immediately, contact the help desk staff to call Ms song, Ms song said to pick up the next day.
When Ms song receiving the next day purse, touched, she took Kon ' me hand said: "thank you, but for your help, my loss will be large. ”