Hundreds of building wall cleaning fill a hungry Procter stomach

Keqiao, more and more high-rise buildings, many of which are curtain wall Office. With the warm weather, the building outer wall clean also ushered in the season. Recently, a reporter in the interview that, keqiao, started up a cleaning company cleaning orders. However, Procter officials said, compared with other cities, keqiao building exterior walls washed very often, maintains cleanliness the company can only go elsewhere to eat, to fill their stomachs.
Keqiao to peak
Miss Wang Plaza on the day of the public business. Two days ago, when she was housed in the Marketing Department, Plaza there are several "Spider-man", was crawling up the wall to clean exterior walls. "Curtain walls should be cleaned, so that light better. "Miss Wang said, cleaning the exterior looks significantly cleaner, Office feels comfortable on the inside.
"These two days, the sky Plaza has more than 10,000 square meters of external walls need to be cleaned, tianhui going to Times Square at the end to clean exterior walls. "Perfect cleaning services limited of Shaoxing County official, Wei told reporters that the General requirements for cleaning in the wind can be smaller, room-temperature times. After entering the end of March, keqiao wall cleaning business gradually and more.
"Now have several cleaning business, estimated that by April or May be even busier! "Hangzhou a cleaning company owner, Joe told reporters that the annual cleaning of the year is the spring peak. By April or May, keqiao of cleaning curtain wall business more, they expect nearly in keqiao cleaning around the building.
Maintains cleanliness the company still fill not the belly
In recent years, the blistering pace of urban construction, keqiao, and every year there are new buildings put into operation. These new building put into use, bring the number of cleaning operations. Every spring and summer, people can often see Ke North World Trade Center, "Spider-man" hanging in mid air cleaning walls, keqiao, it has also become a witness of the urban construction.
However, keqiao works on hundreds of buildings included the rise of skyscrapers, keqiao, maintaining cleanliness industry to the field you want to rob the business, to maintain a stable operation. "Keqiao high, but the competition is fierce! "Perfect cleaning of Mr Wei told reporters that although keqiao high has many, but they often go to Jiangsu, to rob the business. In particular, the external walls of many buildings cleaned only once every 35 years, keqiao, this frequency can hardly meet the needs cleaning company daily operations.
"Keqiao always inspected the superior leadership, some building, or when there is activity, will ask the cleaning company to clean, clean walls are not enthusiastic about! "Cleaning, keqiao, one industry insider told Xinhua, keqiao cleaning industry not nervous, without reservation, they can call.
Curtain cleaning once a year
It is understood that once cost a lot of money for the Office wall. At present, keqiao of cleaning a glass curtain wall on the market costs about 1.5 Yuan per square meter, external walls of marble is as high as fifty or sixty Yuan a square meter. A 100-meter-high office building, once a cost up to tens of thousands of Yuan. Many property companies to save costs, reluctant to wash walls.
However, the benefits of cleaning is very much. Professionals told reporters that cleaning will not only help improve the image of the whole building, can also contribute to improvement in the Office environment. In particular, the glass curtain wall until you have cleaned, the Sun will be refracted, or reduce the transmittance of glass. After cleaning, interior light transmittance will increase, thus contributing to vision care and psychology experience of Office personnel.
Mr Wei told reporters in cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Office walls are cleaned frequently, some cities such as Shenzhen and even introduced a policy requiring owners of units cleaned walls. This, he suggested, keqiao, the curtain walls of the buildings the best cleaning once a year.