Street pilot public private contract cleaning companies to promote young

New central heating area of 9 million square meters, development pipeline gas users to 70,000 families, reform a household one water user 30,000 households, will pilot the introduction of market-oriented operation of sanitation reform ... ... Yesterday, the municipal CPPCC members, municipal public Bureau Party Committee and Secretary Dan Qiangwei interpretation of the Bureau this year to do practical things on people's livelihood, plans to invest 7.5 billion yuan, the implementation of the 44 projects, build "municipal utility" pattern of integrated safeguards, one of the nation's largest waste transfer stations, kitchen waste centralized treatment, desalination and other large projects will be completed and put into use this year.
Sanitation cleaning pilot marketing
"In the sanitation reforms on the basis of last year, this year we are research pilot introduction of sanitation cleaning market operation mechanism, ensuring residents get a better sanitation. "Dan Qiangwei says, by way of public auction, a range of sanitation work contracted out to a professional cleaning company, on the one hand can better ensure the quality of cleaning, is conducive to the rejuvenation of the sanitation workers. If the results are good, it will gradually bring the sanitation work to market. After the sanitation work to market, the current sanitation workers also secure some diversion arrangements in other positions of sanitation system, the other part allows contractors to hire and contracting companies treatment no less favourable than the present treatment level.
"This year will also build some sanitation workers to have rest breaks, so they are on the side of the road ' sleepy '. "Dan Qiangwei told reporters that continue to improve the treatment of sanitation workers this year. According to reports, since the city sanitation reforms last year, 15.19 million Yuan investment, construction, leasing, building sanitation workers working quarters 13,500 square meters to accommodate 3,000 sanitation workers. North and the laoshan district, Chengyang district and other sanitation workers has been increased to 1500 Yuan a month, other areas through various forms of improved sanitation conditions for workers. Sanitation trucks 565 acquisition, update to solve problems such as low efficiency of manual cleaning, security breaches, mechanized cleaning of urban trunk road rate is above 90%.
"Built or improved 100 kilometres of water supply networks, transforming a household one water user 30,000 households, new, expanded water treatment plant two, building regulation pool, station 6, urban water supply capacity growth of 17%, the city's annual water supply volume reached 580 million cubic meters, achieved city water supply since a historic breakthrough. "Dan Qiangwei introduced the island city has a lot of old water supply network fell into disrepair, more serious damage, after the old pipe rust prone to water pollution, will be modified.
"Desalination projects to achieve annual output of 16 million tons this year, the next step to achieve a daily output of 100,000 tons. "Dan Qiangwei said, this project is the country's largest sea water desalination project. In addition, this year will be built with the international advanced level of urban drinking water quality monitoring center, 106 tests of water quality monitoring capacity from the current more than more than 240, realization of the raw water, water, water distribution system online monitoring.
Basic solving old heating problems heating
"New central heating area of 9 million square meters this year, old heating problems solved. "Dan Qiangwei says plans new, expanded welfare home heating station project 6, Eastern licang district heating plants and other heat sources, construction of heat supply network, 410 km from heat 90, including 30 in the old city.
"Gas gas sources will also increase this year. "Dan Qiangwei said, this year will be built or improved gas pipe network of 230 km, development pipeline gas users to 70,000 families, construction of natural gas vehicle fueling station 10, started construction in Chongqing Road, jinshui gas ring project, the city's annual total supply reached 850 million cubic meters. Also accelerate Sinopec Shandong LNG project, providing more air for the island city.
Refuse transit no longer distributed odor
"Sewage treatment into the urban landscape River City with vitality. "Dan Qiangwei told reporters that the sewage treatment rate in four districts in the city has reached 97%, higher than the capacity of water supply. They will continue to carry out "community service benefiting" drainage rectification, solve the old town portion of Coulee risk overflow and poor drainage problems.
Meanwhile, the construction of licun River sewage treatment plant Nanhai Road, Victoria Road and drainage pumping stations, expansion of sea park River wastewater treatment plant, seven districts in the city sewage treatment rate reached 90%. Upgrading of drainage facilities, updated advanced 9 types of drainage, stagnant water in completion of key road improvement, improve the ability of urban flood control and drainage, ensure smooth drainage. Construction of "intercepting nanotubes, rain sewage diversion, factory-network coordination flood smooth" management of drainage system. Strengthening river banks, open drains and culverts of sewage interception facilities supervision, consolidating five major river basins in the urban area sewage interception effectiveness, to ensure no sewage runoff.
"This year will be completed and put into use by the nation's largest waste transfer station is very environmentally friendly, from transport to deal with the whole closed, does not emit odors. "Dan Qiangwei said the project enabled the first half of this year, into a landfill, incineration, chemical treatment, biogas utilization as one of domestic waste comprehensive treatment parks and" classification of received, closed, transport, reduction and disposal, emergency temporary "solid waste logistics park.
To start construction this year xiaojianxi of domestic waste sanitary landfill site (phase II), completed kitchen waste treatment plant and fertilizer plant. In addition, supporting new construction, renovation of public toilet block 50, closed 400 modified construction waste transport vehicles, built, laoshan district, Huangdao district waste transfer station, and meet the development needs of the city.
Maintenance pilot "one-click Repair" service
"Families to install a button, gas heating problems with residents as long as the click of a button, maintenance personnel will be on-site service, this new model pilot of the year. "Dan Qiangwei said that for people with special needs to provide" one-on-one "personal service, use of China UnionPay, mobile, platforms such as PayPal, expansion of the charge, payment channels, exploring the implementation of remote meter reading. By 12319 hotline, Minsheng Community inspections, face to face, wiring, the Secretary and the public open days and other means to ensure first time to grasp the needs and opinions of the masses. The implementation of "extended commitment, limited commitment, commitment, visit commitments and assessment of" new mechanisms to ensure that services meet the people's need to accept supervision by the masses, quality of service, and service process by the people judge. Construction and household services such as debugging, accident repair recovery, signs, bright white, media announcements and other forms, publish content, time frame for completion.

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