Perspective of holiday cleaning service prices

Phenomena: time household cleaners to be a full-service health cost about 150-200 Yuan, clean the glass need 100, but before the Spring Festival this year, 100 square meters of houses below the full cost of health services, have risen to 400-500 Yuan, only a glass service needs 220-280 Yuan. A cleaning company Zhang Manager introduced, each to near Festival Shi clean service of price will rose, this year of rally is obviously, "we company provides of including wipe glass, and wipe floor, and wipe tile, daily clean zainei of full clean service, weekday of price for 170 Yuan once, and Festival Qian, only wipe glass a items service of price on rose to has 220 Yuan once, full service once is needed 450 Yuan. "
Clean housekeeping Web Editor summary the forest, during the Spring Festival, most of the cleaning staff in the field home, and local people are less willing to do the work, workers less and work more, prices also rose. "After the Spring Festival, many migrants choose to return to local employment, others over the Lantern started out looking for a job, and not to worry.
There are those factors affect the price of cleaning service? Too much cleaning services company on the network, whether it is search by area, involves cleaning services company's website is also the same, containing about us, business scope, success stories, contact us and more. One is supply and demand affect prices, increased demand for General cleaning services, services prices rose, a decrease in demand service prices have fallen; the second is the value is the only factors that determine price, clean service value final service price.
Factors that affect the price of cleaning services are summarized as follows:
1, from environmental macro-factors to consider: policies and regulations, average consumption, labor costs, market supply and demand.
2, from the managers point to consider: cleaning company size, management, technology, service levels and modes.
3 from the cleaning project itself: the cleaning area, cleaning type, time, degree of difficulty, starting price, etc.