Cleaning wages, costs rose way cleaning company how to integrate resources

A few days ago, "scrub brush" data released from the Guangzhou Bureau of human resources and social security, compared with 2010, Guangzhou this year wages have risen in most positions, generally above 20% per cent. According to a report in the Guangzhou daily, Guangzhou 2011 minimum wage would be increased to 1500 Yuan/month. Facing the sharp rise in prices and wages, human resource costs accounted for a large proportion of cleaner company margins will undoubtedly reduce shrink, in survival, death. "Scrub brush" senior generally agreed that cleaning only the "cocoon", no way, you must integrate fragmented with limited resources in the market to seek greater development.
Overall costs rose 30% profit margins dramatically shrink
Cleaning company human resources costs around 70%~80%, in recent years, with average salary increase, the cleaning company's operating costs rose, plus cost of materials, Office expenditures increase year by year, corporate profits decreased significantly, even some enterprises were unprofitable and growth. In 2005, the community cleaning staff were given due credits pay only 700 Yuan/month, but over the past couple of years, residential cleaning staff average at least 1450/month, we can see that labor costs have almost doubled more than 1 time, overall costs rose 30%, greatly reduce the cleaning company's profits.
Even so, cleaning companies still face human dilemma. In this regard, the "scrub brush" senior believes that neighborhood cleaners are usually dominated by migrant workers, but with the rising costs of living, this job is no longer attractive for them, while locals including laid off employees, there are conceptual problems, are reluctant to engage in this kind of work, makes the labor of cleaning companies are facing more and more severe bottlenecks.
Company's survival pressure
Revenue-control costs
Rising labor costs in recent years, pressure is increasing, and will not rule out some of the clean business spending, reduce the quality of service, which may intensify the contradiction between clean business and employer, creating a vicious circle. However, more complaints once the owners of cleaning companies, cleaning companies to raise fees was not easy.
Comprehensive value-added resources improving competence and good word of mouth
2012 brush first mergers and acquisitions more than 1000 cleaner cleaning company two 2 (now at the negotiation stage), integration of all customer information, human resources, machinery and equipment, vehicles and equipment, optimize the allocation of each post, unified scheduling management, greatly reduces the cost, to achieve wage increases.