Spider-man "need to protect the rope instead of threshold

Beijing in the outer wall clean "Spider-man" are not certified, such "Black households Spider-man" has more than a regular army. Exterior cleaning industry safety concerns seriously.
Currently low level development maintaining cleanliness industry formats, many of which are small, irregular enterprise, even "stragglers". Implemented in May this year, the Beijing Municipal high suspension job safety regulations stipulates that persons engaging in high suspended operations shall be subject to specific safety training, obtain the appropriate Ascend after erection operations certificate before they can post. The original intention of the competent Department of the Government is to regulate "Spider-man" to avoid accidents; but which policies to handle the need properly, cannot let the holder become the survival of small and medium sized cleaning company "burden"; otherwise, the original irregular small cleaning company will go underground, evading supervision, will become the real "Black households Spider-man" safety production environment even worse. How to achieve a win-win situation?
As can be seen from the report, "Spider-man" itself in a safe manner, treasure the safety of themselves and their partners, it is the interest of managers and administrators meeting point. Before they are "undocumented", one of the reasons is the previous "high card" no training, and annual inspection system, unable to improve their job skills, nor in the market in Exchange for higher remuneration, doesn't have any advantages. This is called "rush rush" administrative people only feel the obligation, does not feel right.
Therefore, the Beijing "Spider-man" certified "administrative license" should be based on the concept of service-oriented Government, help is not standardized cleaning set up strict safety systems to improve production safety. "Spider-man" needed was the Government's "loop" instead of "threshold".
But reports that the city's "Spider-man" will be completed by the end of the training, the first training was over, and some small cleaning business has still not received official notification. Hope this certified, don't become a shuffle, to non-market factors out of them. These irregularities, "Spider-man" enterprises are in particular need of Government support, they also bear the responsibility of creating jobs, service to the community.