70% cleaning company does not license home cleaning market is worrying

Many building materials market of consumers have experienced-was loitering in the vicinity of the building materials market ads caught up with the dissemination, in an instant, hands stuffed into several small card, that card is often maintained cleanliness company's business card. Not only in real life, ever developed for the Internet, various information about Procter is dazzling. In view of this, consumer choice of cleaning companies seem to be very broad in scope, both online and offline can easily be maintained cleanliness company's information, which is very convenient. Now, however, really worthy of consumer confidence and rest assured that the home cleaning market options?
Seven cleaning company without a business license
"Unlicensed informal maintains cleanliness the company roughly the amount Beijing cleaning company 60% to about 70%. "Albert Huaqing cleaning services, General Manager Liu Yonghua, told reporters that an alarming data.
Reporters in a building outside the city, received 6 different cleaning company business cards, then in Beijing City Administration website information on these companies, and no company information can be found from the website. Subsequently, the reporter also call these so called "cleaning", asking whether was regular company, has no business license, and so on. On the phone, each claiming to be the formal cleaning company, but the most vague or evasive about license issues.
In the course of telephone, reporters also found a strange thing, cleaning company in two different names on the card, phone is actually the same. Press Advisory first dialed the phone on behalf of a cleaning company, said that he was head of company, and later, when a reporter dialed the phone again, and asks when company b, the same person claiming to be company b staff at this time.
Suddenly, an employee completes the "job-hopping"? Or an employee can be employed in the two companies at the same time? An insider revealed the mystery-and anyway, no one is monitoring, on cards that one can "set up" out of the many different "cleaning", as long as the phone every one, no matter which phone on the card consumers eventually escape his "Palms".
Maintains cleanliness the company spread of false information
With the increasing popularity of Internet, in today's Internet, there are more huge than the net number of "black"-cleaning business.
Home cleaning Ltd official told reporters in Beijing, in many information platform on the class Web site, consumers can find a lot of cleaning company information, under normal circumstances, on the introduction page of the enterprise, some will have a "verify" button, click here to view enterprise business licenses and other qualifications. Many unlicensed companies simply do not set this key. Sometimes, in more than 10 cleaning companies, can see the business license of just a few.
Reporter then landed a famous domestic search engine and type in "Beijing cleaning company" word search page open Home Shang, not only the encyclopedia of life website maintains cleanliness the company information, there are many cleaning companies and independent Web sites. In the cleaning company, randomly selected out of the 30 journalists, on the website of Beijing Municipal industry and Commerce Bureau to carry out queries, found that only 11 companies are able to query to the business license registration number of registered company information, while the other 19 companies do not exist.
In order to enhance their credibility, many cleaning companies will show on the website business license, tax registration certificate and other certificates. But that which and how much consumers can believe in it? Anchor Procter official said many cleaning company website business license certificate is fake. Whether it is tampering with the certificate of computer software for others, or is deliberately reducing the pixel certificate, deliberately causing image blur, these tools are intended to deceive consumers.
Reporters in the subsequent investigation, also found that many cleaning companies on his Web site, "sharing" the same resources--not only different certificate exactly positioned, even text form a paragraph, punctuate the space on the certificate are the same.
In different company's "corporate photo album", but has exactly the same scenes; even some of the company's website seems to come from a "womb", page design, layout design, no different, just different from company name, profile, contact information, and other.
"From the network seems to be very powerful cleaning company, in reality often only one or two people. Make beautiful website won't cost much money, there is no review mechanism on the network, not regulation. Sometimes, a MOM and pop websites can have several different company names, each site looks formal. Upon receipt of a business, the couple rode a bike, take a cloth to clean. "One industry source said:" some companies say they have been selected as ' top ten ', ' good ' cleaning companies, in fact, Beijing does not award these awards, they are self-appointed. "
"Black" cleaning costs almost zero
Low price competition impacts the regular company
Due to the small margins of home cleaning services, normally 200 Yuan to 300 yuan business, cleaning companies can only earn dozens of money, plus all costs, so regular cleaning company prices usually between 3 to 6 Yuan/square meter/square meters. And for almost no cost "black" for Procter, 2, or even 1 Yuan/square meter price is acceptable. This low price competition brought no small shock to regular cleaning company.
Talk about "black" effect of cleaning for regular cleaning company, cleaning services company Albert Huaqing Liu Yonghua was helpless, regular cleaning company, after all, there will be some costs that cannot be omitted, in order to maintain the normal operation of the company, is not likely to depress the price to "black" cleaning quote.
Liu Yonghua explained that due to the cleaning workers ' wage levels are not too high, are hard earned money, so a certain amount of regular cleaning companies and workers to eat and accommodation issues. Just a regular company will have to pay the cost is far less than the "black" cleaning is much higher. Only a tiny fixed many small cleaning company cleaning personnel, once you have a business, short-handed, they cleaning workers on loan from other companies to complete the work. Among such companies use cleaning workers in the cleaning market is very common.
More professional, more formal and rigorous
Regular cleaning and excellent value for money
Although no advantage on price, but on the standard and quality of service, regular cleaning company advantage is "black" cleaning it is difficult to compare with.
"A certain size of regular cleaning company will have very specialized equipment to support a high quality of service," said Liu Yonghua. Vacuum cleaners, suction machine, waxing machine ... ... Each cleaning will have its corresponding equipment. When going to the owners home service, and special trains to transport the equipment. "Black" cleaning is often on a tricycle mops, buckets, dusters door-to-door work.
In addition, in order to guarantee the customer's home environment is not polluted, regular cleaning company will choose high-quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products, but "black" Procter is unlikely to spend a lot of money to buy these products, the cleaning products they use are often of inferior quality and prone to furniture, flooring and even air pollution.
In addition to equipment, regular cleaning company for personnel training and management is very strict. General practice training of employees is about half a month, including master specifications for all types of work processes, understanding of the efficacy of cleaning products, skilled use of cleaning machines, and so on. Practice employees through the training of both a written and practical examination, can really work. After the end of the cleaning service, cleaning staff also customer service satisfaction survey, the company will be based on questionnaires to monitor employee performance. Staff mobility is a strong "black" cleaning companies, both for the training of employees, or for quality of service monitoring is a blank.
Anchor head cleaning company told reporters that the company received many of the same customers-once, these cheap, look for "black" cleaning house cleaning, but due to high quality of workers, work is not standard, clean products of inferior quality, coupled with the lack of cleaning equipment, resulting in many clean items are not in place. End customer to find the second cleaning normal cleaning company to. Repeat, spending more money than looking for regular company.
Lack of demand, consumer misunderstanding, lack of regulation
More reasons why less brand, "Black households"
Facing household cleaning market confusion, Liu Yonghua that consumer demand has not reached a certain scale is caused by cleaning market brands gap, "black" an important reason for cleaning flood.
In addition, some consumer psychology of consumers also contributed to this situation, such as many consumers when choosing a cleaning company, does not understand the company standard, secure, but the pursuit of cheaper prices. In addition, consumer protection awareness should also be raised. Some companies are cleaning services before you begin, will allow customers to sign a service agreement, the agreement shall indicate the service standard, service price of entry, but many consumers for hooking, do not sign the contract. It is a lack of awareness of self-protection.
"The industry currently lacks the corresponding associations, standards and regulations, lax is also causing confusion in the industry, one of the reasons for the slow development. "Procter official said. It is learnt that the authorities are considering setting up cleaning Association, while the introduction of industry standards will be just around the corner.
Experts have suggested
1. before choosing a cleaning company, first to the trade and Industry Bureau on the website if the company has a registration record.
2. cleaning service before you start, it is best to sign service agreement with Procter. If it is a larger apartment, service projects, and should do so.
3. payment must maintain cleanliness the company to ask for a formal invoice. A lot of "black" is no invoice for cleaning, or provide false invoices.