Poor cleaning lady for 6 years greatly to many times

An ordinary cleaners, only more than 1000 Yuan monthly salary. In her work, many times in windfall, and always try to find the owner; owner of applause, she declined.
The morning of March 30, municipal people's hospital emergency room cleaning lady Zhang Chunxiang as usual, clean the floor. When she pushed a cart, which found a bulging wallet. Zhang Chunxiang didn't think much, pick up the purse went to the nurse to explain the situation. "This must be what the patient or family member accidentally lost. "Zhang Chunxiang said.
Due to the many patients and their families at night, it is hard to find the owner. Clerk reports to the Security Office of the hospital. Zhang Chunxiang, together with security to open their wallets, ready to check the transfer, found his wallet has more than 2,100 Yuan in cash, credit card, and a health insurance card. Through the health insurance card, security guards found the owner's name and contact information, feel free to contact the owner.
At this point, the careless owners are headaches for the purse was not found, a wallet was picked up by cleaning lady, profuse with pleasure. After the owner picked up her purse and pulled out cash to pay Zhang Chunxiang, were declined.
This isn't the first time Zhang Chunxiang greatly. Cleaning work in city people's hospital emergency rooms for 6 years, she had repeatedly picked up valuables: found in toilet bags; picked up a diamond ring next to the pool and repeated removal of discharged patients bedding, pick up patients to forget cell phones. Each time, Zhang Chunxiang are trying to find the owner, for the first time back.
The day before yesterday, to pay homage to Zhang Chunxiang spirit greatly, her property company to post to visit her, and gave her the consolation money.